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ecoDC is a disruptive innovation from Cloud Dynamics, featuring our proprietary ultra-high-density heat exchanging technology (ecoHX) and our game-changing adaptive ultra-high-efficiency Cloud Data Center Cooling System (ecoCool).

ecoDC’s 35kW (10 Tons) per cabinet heat extraction capacity is ten times more than that of a typical legacy data center, and its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.1 is much lower than the industry average of 2.5. >>

cDOS is an end-to-end cloud provisioning, automation, and orchestration solution that enables organizations to take total control over the data center infrastructure from the front-end firewall to the back-end facility heating and cooling – all via a single pane of glass.

Its multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud provisioning and management features allow users to control and manage multiple disparate environments through a single common portal. >>

CRU is the currency of the cloud sector, just as the watt is for the electricity sector.

It is the weighted summation of all the disparate components that go into a cloud data center – network, computing, storage, power, facilities, human resources, etc. – and provides CIOs and CFOs with a standard, single, dimensionless unit to cost and budget their cloud resources. Managers can use the same tools and techniques used in financial management for cloud resource management, control and budgeting purposes. >>

“The vendor ... the first to include the physical facilities equipment – power and cooling – as a core part of the overall datacenter infrastructure fabric.”

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Cloud Dynamics Inc. & Modular Cloud Services Inc. Introduce CloudDR™

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Juniper Networks Releases Case Study on Partnership with Cloud Dynamics

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Quantifying their cloud environment is one of the biggest challenges facing business and IT executives

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